Contactless Thermal Screening and Registration System

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Thermal screen
Thermal screen

According to experts, Covid-19 is here to stay until the end 2020. Becoming part of our daily existence-highlighting the importance of continued vigilance and personal hygiene practices.

In light of this, organisations can deploy Contactless Thermal Screening and Registration System to prevent an outbreak. It automatically records and stores the temperature of their employees/visitors on a daily basis for future references including to assist with payroll, if required.


Contactless Social Distancing
Used facial recognition to register and record the temperature of employees/visitors – eliminating contact.

Time Attendance
Records employees’ TIME IN & TIME OUT via facial recognition. Thus eliminating unsafe fingerprint scanner. Integratable with the payroll system.

Reporting & Analytics
Record all employees’ and visitors’ temperature seamlessly upon entrance. Able to generate a report for auditing purposes

Alarm & Evidence
Instant alarm and photo when fever is detected.

Speed & Accuracy
Scanning speed: <0.2s/User
Face recognition accuracy: > 99%
Temperature accuracy:+/- 0.5C

Enforce Mask-Wearing
Automatically prompts a voice reminder, when employees or visitors fail to wear a mask

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