InNET joined Johor Bahru Internet Exchange


InNET has joined the Malaysia’s second Internet Exchange, the Johor Bahru Internet Exchange (JBIX) that will bridge the gap of directly connecting non-ISP businesses to the Internet Exchange that will enhance the internet surfing experience of Malaysians.

JBIX will be the first open internet exchange in Malaysia that welcomes peering between any types of organisations from Malaysia and international. It will facilitate the mutual peering between different business organisations such as in the education and financial sector, OTT content providers, regional and local Internet Service Providers (ISPs), hosting companies and more. Peering helps keep internet traffic local by allowing business to exchange internet traffic directly without having to travel overseas or through different providers.

As a member of the JBIX, all our internet subscribers will benefited with all the features. This will help to improve our connectivity to all members within the JBIX community.